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Hamed Sabet

Effect of Preheat Temperature on Weldability of the GGG40 Ductile Cast Iron by TIG Welding Process

Mehdi Mohammadikhah

Improved Wear Resistance of the Fe-C-Ti Hardfacing Alloy by Nano TiCN particles  Fabricated by FCAW-N2

Hamed Sabet

The Relationship between Hypo/Eutectic/Hyper Compositions of   The         Fe-Cr-C Hardfacing Alloys at    with Microstructure and Hardness

H.Sabet1* , A.Estiri2 , A.Kuchakzade2

Fabricate of the Al-13%Si Clad layer on the Pure Aluminium by Friction Surfacing Process: Study of the Variables Process on the Surface Quality and Hardness

Raffi Mohammed1*, Ch.Venkata Rao1, G. Madhusudhan Reddy2 and
K. Srinivasa Rao1


Saeed Farhang Sahlevani1 , Raffi Mohammed1, P. Vijay Kumar1, G.Madhusudhan Reddy2 and K. Srinivasa Rao1


Mohse Esmaeili Jalal-Abadi 1-Ali Sahraei 2

Effect of Tool Rotation Speed on Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Friction Stir Welded 6061-O Aluminum

Iman Hajiannia

Evaluation of the Microstructure Melt Zone In Interface of Dissimilar A335 Low Alloy Steel and ER309L Filler Metal

I. Hajiannia 1, M.Shamanian 2, M. Kasiri 1

The evaluation of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties
Of AISI 347 Stainless Steel to A335 Low Alloy Steel Dissimilar Joint Produced by Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Mohammad Sadeghi

Effect of  the Underwater FSW Parameters on  Microstructure and  Mechanical Properties of the Al –Si Alloy

Mohamad Ghaderi

Effect of preheat temperature on the HAZ Impact toughness of the API 5L-X70 steel

M. J. Javadie1*, M. Fazel-Najafabadi2

Metallurgical and Mechanical Investigation on the Friction Stir Brazing of Ti-6Al-4V and 321 Stainless Steel

Jaroslav Koukal1,2), Martin Sondel2) and Drahomir Schwarz1,2)

Welded Joints of the P/T91 and P/T24 Steel
for Classic Power Equipment

Mehran Roohnia,a Amir Hooman Hemmasi,b Habibolla Khademi-Eslam,b Behzad Bazyar,b and Ali Yavari b,*

Effect of different joint types (scarf joints) on elastic properties of beams

Mehran Roohnia

Shear moduli estimated in a parallel action of flexural vibration data with those provided in finite element method (case study: Maple wood)

Ahmed Hosni Ahmed Ghonemi, 1, 2 Mahmoud Abass Ibrahim, 2 and Mohammed Abdel Khalek Shahen2

Effect of Multiple Repairs Welding on the Properties of Welded API 5L X-52 Steel Pipeline

Mehdi Mondali

Determination of the welding residual stresses due to
discontinuous welding in long girder of a locomotive engine
support using FEM method

Dr. Seyed Mohammad K. Hosseini1

Recent Trends and Challenges in Welding of Deepwater Subsea Pipelines

M. R. Khanzadeh1*, S. A. A. Akbari Mousavi2, A. Amadeh3, Gh. Liaghat4

Nickel-based superalloy layer deposited on AISI H13 hot tool steel base metal by explosion cladding process

1. Mona Yarahmadi  2. Morteza Shamanian 3. Hamidreza Salimi

Joining of Al / Al2O3 Nanostructured Metal Matrix Composite Sheets by Transient Liquid Phase

Mohsen Esmaeili Jalal-Abadi

Grain refinement by friction stir processing —a review

Mohsenn Esmaeili Jalal-Abadi 1-Ali Sahraei 2

Effect of Tool Rotation Speed on Microstructure and Mechanical Behavior of Friction Stir Welded 6061-O Aluminum

Gholamreza Khalaj*, Hossein Yoozbashizadeh, Alireza Khodabandeh, Morteza Tamizifar

Modeling of austenite grain growth in the weld heat affected zone of a microalloyed linepipe steel

H. Saghafifar*1, D. G. McCartney2 and P. H. Shipway2

Effects of thermal ageing on microstructure of a Ni-based alloy weld overlay on 2.25Cr-1Mo steel

Hamid Omidvar1, Ehsan Mirsalehi2, Sajad Shakerin3

Microstructural evolution and modelling of transient liquid phase bonding in nickel base super alloy

Masoud Vakili , Hoseein Khanaki2, Mahdi Azizmohammadi2

Determining the effective Variable to improve the Quality of Welding with Response Surface Methodology and comparing it with Simulation Annealing Algorithm

Ali Farzadi1, Mahdi Masoumi Khalilabad2*

Simulation of heat transfer during GMAW process and its resulted micro structure

Mahdi Ghoroghchian1, Alireza Khodabandeh2, Mohammad Jahazi3

A Comparative Hardness of Nanocomposite Ti-B-C and Ti-B-C-N Coatings

Sina Fateri, Nikolaos Boulgouris

An Automatic Mode Separation Technique for Multimodal Ultrasonic Guided Wave Analysis

Esmaeel Ahmadzade Beyraki*, Mehrdad Kashefi,Mohammad Mazinani

Characterization of Strain Induced Martensitic Transformation in 304L AISI after Tensile Deformation via Magnetic Barkhausen Analysis

Esmaeel Ahmadzade Beyraki*,Mehrdad kashefi ,Mohammad Mazinani

Evaluation of Strain Induced Martensitic Transformation in 304L AISI after Tensile Deformation Using Eddy Current Method

Ali Abbasian1, Mehrdad Kashefi2, Esmaeel Ahmadzade Beyraki3

Quality control of precipitation hardened aluminum alloy parts via eddycurrent non-destructive evaluation

A.Fathi.Y , H .Rezazadeh , Sh. Sorkhkhah

An Investigation on the Cause of Weld Crack Initiation in Fuel Oil Pipe of a Gas Turbine

1.Nimahaghshenas , graduate student , Amirkabir University ,Welding engineering

New method for measuring electrode displacement in resistance spot welding process

R. Soltani Tashi a, , M. E. Bajgholi b

Metallurgical Study on Diffusion Brazing of Ti-6Al-4V and austenitic stainless steel using two different interlayer

Shiva Majidnia, John Rudlin., Rajagopal Nilavalan

Simulation of Surface and Sub-Surface Flaw Signals using a Pulsed Eddy Current Encircling probe on a steel pipe

E. Harati, M. Ottosson, L. Karlsson, L-E Svensson

Non-destructive measurement of weld toe radius using Weld Impression Analysis and Laser Scanning Profiling

Y.Gheysar Anzabi 1, H.Sabet 2, M.Abbasi 2

Influence of Welding Speed and Currant on the Sensitivity of Hot Cracking in Austenitic Stainless Steel Weld metal by Simulation and its Compare with Experimental Method

Soheil Nakhodchi1, Hadi Sodagari2

Numerical analysis of temperature and residual stress distribution in friction stir welding of steel plates

A.R.Sufizadeh , S.A.A.Akbari musavi

Metallurgical research of Nd: YAG pulsed laser welding of low alloy carbon steel AISI 4340 and AISI 316L stainless steels

A.R.Sufizadeh , S.A.A.Akbari musavi

Mechanical & Micro structural research for electron beam welding of Austenitic stainless steel AISI 316L

M. Morakabiyan Esfahani1, A. Farzadi2, S.R. Alavi Zaree3

Simulation of heat transfer and fluid flow during gas metal arc welding

Mosa Sevan, Mehrdad Abbasi*

An investigation on microstructure and mechanical properties of AZ31Mg/6061Al dissimilar friction stir weld

HosseinOliaa,MehrdadAbbasia ,ManiPourjafara

Comparison between cold roll and cold forge welding of Ag to Al

AliHajiBagheria,MehrdadAbbasia ,HamedSabeta

An investigation on Flash weld Formability of plain steel by variation of carbon equivalent and Flashing time

Soheil Nakhodchi1, Shahrokh Sorkhah2, Saleh Akbari Iraj1

Determination of Welding Residual Stress in Multi-pass Weld Benchmark Specimens using Incremental Centre Hole Drilling and Contour Method

M. Morakabiyan Esfahani1, A. Farzadi2, S.R. Alavi Zaree3

Simulation of the parameters that effect on heat input during gas metal arc
welding (GMAW)

Seyedali Sadeghi1

Using Taguchi method to evaluate effect of welding parameters on acoustoelastic Constant in friction stir welding

Seyed Mahmoud Emamjomeh1, Mahmoud Heydarzadeh Sohi2

An investigation on microstructure, hardness and wear properties of AISI 1045 TIG surface alloyed with FeV and C

Seyed Mahmoud Emamjomeh1, Mahmoud Heydarzadeh Sohi2

Formation of the surface layer containing vanadium carbide on AISI 1045 by in-situ TIG surface alloying with FeV

Masood Karimi Sahnesaraee1, Ayyub Halvaee2, Ali Reza Abbasi1, Ahmad Ali Amadeh2

Effect of Activated Effect on Gas Tungsten Arc Welding of Brass Alloy

Hossein Siyar¹, A.Reza

Khodabandeh2, M.Reza Afshar3, H.Reza Najafi4

Effect of activating flux on 304 stainless steel in tungsten inert gas welding

A. Tajik Esmaeili1, A. Khodabandeh1, M. Ardestani1, A.A. Amadeh2, A. Mashayekhi3

Effect of heat input on micro-structure and strength of Gas Tungsten Arc Welded thermo-mechanical DIN EN-10149-2 Steel

Kahila Baghchesaraee, Abbas Honarbakhsh Ra'ouf, Ayoob Halvaee, Mohammad Hassan Tahvildari Shalmani, Reza Omidvar

"Effect of rolling process and heat input on toughness of SMAW welded A516 steel heat affected zone"